John Abbott College
Acting I - for 50+ 
Cost 195.00$
Available places YES
Duration 18 hours

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Acting I - for 50+
From Sep 26th to Oct 31st, 2019
Thursday 19:00 to 22:00, room HO-103
Section number 00001

ACTion: Dramatic Arts Program for 50+
Have you ever wanted to take an acting course or try your hand at playwriting but have been too busy with work and family? Join us for ACTion, a new and innovative program in Dramatic Arts designed for the 50+ group. The objective is to encourage older adults to discover their potential creativity through practice.

Whether you are working or retired, are a complete beginner or have already developed some skills in the Dramatic Arts, this program will offer you and your peers a relaxed environment where you will learn new skills to enable you to create theatre in novel and exciting ways and feel totally at ease.

Adults in the 50+ age range are encouraged to discover their creative voices in bringing to light important issues in their communities through dramatic study and production and where your life experiences will inform your practice in this program.

Initially, participants in the program can choose to focus on playwriting, acting, or both. We will eventually add new courses in directing, scene analysis, playing Shakespeare and more.

Acting I
This introductory course in acting will introduce you to the joys and excitement of performance in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. We will touch on the basic skills, techniques and theories involved in acting and you will gain a basic practical grounding in voice work, speech, movement, improvisation and acting. Participants will be required to choose and prepare a monologue that they will perform towards the end of the course as well as attend a live play in a professional theatre.