John Abbott College
Silence your Inner Critic 
Cost 55.00$
Available places YES
Duration 3 hours

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Silence your Inner Critic
Sep 18th, 2019
Wednesday 18:00 to 21:00, room H-314
Section number 00001

Do you find your thoughts are automatically negative? Are you a ruminator? Have you been told you are our own worst critic? Have you noticed time and again that what you feared and thought are always worse than what normally actually happens?

Several long-term studies show that people who ruminate in response to stress have an increased risk of major depression. Rumination impairs the ability to solve problems, keeping people stuck in negative thoughts and emotions.

This workshop guides you with the latest evidence based tools and techniques to decrease your “negative mind chatter” and learn to retrain your mind to silence your inner critic.

What you will learn:
• Become aware of your inner critic
• Change your inner critic
• Change your mindset
• Stay on Track